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Maui Beach Weddings & Maui Vow Renewal Packages

Coordination Service Description
for Weddings and Vow Renewals


Roselani Package

A very comfortable fit for tight budgets. This ensemble includes all the basics and then some.

No matter the size of your Maui wedding or vow renewal package, Pacific Island Weddings treats your event with the same level of professionalism, providing expert guidance and advice.

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Plumeria Package 


Affordable photography, without sacrificing professional results, demands skilled professionals familiar with challenges unique to Maui.
Lighting. wind and other 'gotchas', they possess skills and equipment, most importantly, they know how to shoot.
There is a significant difference between "nice photos" and, "OMG! Who took those pictures?"

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Hibiscus Package


"I'll have my friend video the affair on my iPhone." Great idea? Absolutely. Until, that is, you play your homebrew job for a reception or family when you return. Terrible audio and 'artistic' freedoms the amateur assumes will improve the moment. Never a good idea.
PIW videographers take immense pride in the delivery of a professionally shot and edited video of your event.

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Passion Flower Package


Our Passion Flower package is a volcano of romance. Leis, painfully romantic serenades, sunset toasts to passion and lifelong adventures with the love of your life.
The Passion Flower utilizes (as do all our packages), the same vendors; musicians, photographers, florists, used by Maui's top a FRACTION of resort prices.

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